Attractions of the Gorumara

Gorumara National Park located in the Terai of the Himalayan foothills in the Dooars region of Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. River Murti, Jaldhaka and Ingdong pass through Gorumara National Park. The National Park is on the Murti Riverbank; This National Park has numerous flowers and fauna varieties.

The prairie of Gorumara is renowned for its characteristic populace of the Great Indian One-Horned Rhino was pronounced as a natural life haven in 1949. Later in 1992, it was set up as a National Park, including 80 km of differing timberlands. Much of this woodland is damp deciduous, and sal (Shorea robusta) is the most widely recognised and significant tree. Teak, simul, siris, khair are also grown here. The Park is stunning with its waterways and mountain range.

Other than the One-Horned Rhinoceros, the Park’s fauna incorporates Indian Elephant, Indian Bison, panther, various types of deer, turtles, pythons, monkeys and so forth and above 200 types of feathered creatures.

The Park is a birdwatcher’s heaven with wonderful fowls like Indian Pied Hornbill, woodpeckers, sunbird, flycatcher, Minivet, drongo, Pheasants and a lot more transient winged animals, particularly in winter. Brahmany Duck is a customary viewed from Suksukia, a flying creature watching point inside the Park. The best ideal opportunity to visit Gorumara is from November to April. The Park stays close from mid-June to mid-September.



Via Air: Bagdogra is the closest air terminal to Gorumara. One can benefit from transport or taxi from Bagdogra to arrive.

Via Train: Nearest Railway Station is Madarihat. The Park is open from the rail stations at Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Cooch Behar, where one can enlist a jeep/vehicle through National Highway 31 Lataguri the passage to the Park. Public thruway 31, which associates Siliguri and Guwahati, goes through Lataguri, Chalsa and Nagrakata close to the Park. 

By Road: NBSTC (North Bengal State Transport Corporation) Buses, Bhutan Govt. Transports, Mini Busses, and Private Buses are accessible from Siliguri to Alipurduar through Madarihat.



While in Gorumara, vacationers go inside the woods for a wilderness safari. Locating untamed life is very familiar. Elephants, Rhinos, Indian Bison (Gaur), Peacock, Deer, Indian wolves are the most widely recognised sightings. The timberland safari is organised in uncommon vehicles, implied for a reason. You should book your backwoods safari from the timberland division and take an approved guide along while visiting the lookouts. Intruding is illicit and can be risky also.



This paradise is located on the outer border of the Gorumara National Park. Chukchuki Watch Tower is the perfect point for viewing and taking photographs of the hundreds of birds that Gorumara National Park is famous for. The Chukchuki Watch Tower is the best to watch the birds of the Park. This place of the Park provides clear views of the myriad birds native to the Gorumara National Park, which is why the Forest Department set up the Chukchuki Birding Tower here. Many migratory birds often visit seasonally. Indian national bird Peacock is very common here.



Chandrachur Watchtower is near the Murti forest bungalow. Chandrachur Watch Tower provides the best views of wildlands and the untamed beauty of individual typical wild parts of the Gorumara National Park comprising forest trees, shrubs, grasslands carved by rivers and creeks.



‘Jatra Prasad’ Watch Tower is also known as ‘Gorumara Watch Tower’. ‘Jatraprasad Watch Tower’ in Dooars was built in remembrance of the most favourite pet Elephant of the Forest Department after the Elephant’s death called Jatraprasad a few years back. Jatraprasad delivered great and die-hard devotion to the Forest Department and the vacationers of the Gorumara National Park. The two-lookout offers a great perspective on the woodland wild, wild lives and springs going through the Gorumara National Park. Jatraprasad Watch Tower is the most mainstream place among visiting vacationers. Jatraprasad Watch Tower is the oldest and the most popular Watch Tower. Honestly, it is considered the best place by many travellers to get a glimpse of this famous Tower’s wildlife. This watchtower not only offers a great chance to see the wilds, but it also provides the amazing landscapes of the interior of the Gorumara National Park.



Medla Watch Tower is at Kalipur eco-village near Ramsayon, the eastern fringe of Gorumara National Park. Unique Bullock cart drove forest safari available here. Murti, Samsing, Chapramari, Jaldhaka, Jhalong, Bindu, Paren, Caron, Diana, Jaldapara, and even you can go to Bhutan through Gorumara National park.



The Dooars valley is famous for its wildlife sanctuaries, the most notable of Jaldapara, offering memorable Elephant rides through rhino and tiger forests. Other covers include Buxa Tiger Project, Gorumara and Chapramari.


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