Chilika Lake- the biggest wintering grounds for migratory birds

Chilika Lake is the second largest brackish water lagoon after the New Caledonian barrier reef to be found in Odisha from India. Birds come down from the far Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea, Kyrgyz steppes, even Ladakh and the Himalayas.

Best Time to visit: 

October to March is the Best Time for you to witness the migratory birds in Chilika lake.

How to reach: 

Reach Puri by train from Chennai or Kolkata. From Puri by cab, This place is 2 hours away. You can take a boat ride in Chilika lake for more fun.

Main Tourist Attraction: 

Sanderlings, Terek sandpiper, Kentish plover, Flamingos, Irrawaddy & bottlenose dolphins, Northern shoveler, Green sea turtle, Legless lizards, Dugong, White-bellied sea eagles, greylag geese, purple moorhen, jacana, flamingos, egrets, grey and purple herons, Indian roller, storks, white ibis.

What do you watch for in the waters: 

You can do a lot in this destination apart from riding a boat. Studies on migratory birds are quite frequent here. You can visit,

  • The Beacon, Breakfast, Honeymoon, Solomon, Dumkudi and Birds’ Islands have distinct environmental identities worth exploring once you are in the Lake.
  • Barunkuda Island is famous for a temple dedicated to Lord Varuna.
  • Sand Bar beach that stretches over 30 kilometres is unexplored still in every way.
  • The blue water bears protect the Kalijai temple, the reigning deity of the lagoon.

 Historical Significance of Chilika Lake: 

The Chilika lake is believed to be the major trade and commerce centre according to the 10th century Brahmanda Puran. The Chilika lake is mentioned in some of the most significant texts brought forth by the explorers of Fa-Hien and Hiuen-Tsang. It had been the way through which the British captured Odisha.


The salty water’s vast expanse is a major tourist attraction and can gratify your inner existence. It can help you learn more about the avian species and bring home some of the most amazing and glorifying creatures of all times. Our very land is so diverse and beautiful that we do not need to go anywhere else if we could only value it. The same combination is present in Chilika lake.


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