Into the hills and the journey beyond: Lolegaon

Located in North West Bengal,  Lolegaon is one of the most loved hill stations in India. From the view of the Golden  Kanchenjunga range in the morning to the evening walks along the roads along with the chilly wind passing by,  Lolegaon is your perfect holiday destination in the coming days. So let’s form an itinerary so that you can plan an adventurous trip to Lolegaon.  

Hello, trekking freaks

This place is an array of beautiful spots, including Kalimpong, LavaRishop, Charkhol, Kolekham, etc. Hence, if you are an actual trekking and hiking fan,  you must trek along the mesmerizing hills at Lolegaon. Worth the calm winds and the smell of the woods passing by, walking on those roads along with the breath-taking view would not be something a  trekker would like to miss.


Spend your vacation doing: 

Lolegaon is a storehouse of various activities so that you can dive into the most amazing trip ever. One can go camping and the evenings can be spent enjoying the campfire.  A couple of hours’ drive will take you to other locations like Lava, Kalimpong,  Bishop, Charkhol, etc. and are also very beautiful in their ways.  


How to reach:  

Lolegaon is situated in North West Bengal, which is quite a central location, so getting there won’t be heavy. One can reach this by planning a road trip. Trains, rented taxis, or cars are the most accessible and affordable modes of transportation there. You can also opt for the Bagdogra airport, which is the nearest and then selects your preferred method of transport (bus or rented cab) to the beautiful destination. 


Lolegaon is one of the most treasured tourist spots in India. So, let yourself into the fantastic world in Lolegaon and experience how incredible our India is. So if you are looking for a short vacation amid the stress surrounding you? Lolegaon is your perfect escape among the hills. 


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