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The biggest of the Seven Sisters of the North East, Arunachal Pradesh, in a real sense signifies ‘the place where there is first light lit mountains. This practically virgin land coaxes guests with its verdant valleys, perfect water bodies, rich legacy and old landmarks.

This pristine state in the furthest East of India draws in guests with its characteristic magnificence and vows to take the voyager on an otherworldly excursion. Away from the city’s incensing buzz, Arunachal Pradesh is the ideal escape objective for families and youths the same. Ardent explorers toward the North East end up stepped back to this express that follows its beginnings to the Tibetan public.

Visit this destination and find the secret jewels of one of nature’s last boondocks. Choose our packages to explore.

Arunachal Pradesh: A Quick View of the state

Capital                       Itanagar

Official Language Hindi, Deori, Assamese, and English

Dial Code                 360

Population             16.836 lakhs (starting at 2018)

Currency                Indian Rupee (INR)

Time Zone              UTC+05:30 (IST)

Area                          83,743 square km

Features Of Arunachal Pradesh: Things To See And Do

This destination will entrance you with its immaculate excellence. The rocky land offers the explorer a scope of alternatives to browse on their excursion of revelation. Whether you look for nature or your advantage lies ever; whether you are searching for harmony and peacefulness or are of a bold twisted of the brain, Arunachal Pradesh has everything.